…Ah, but we are willing to bet that you can!

Just because you haven’t found a hat that you think looks good on you, doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

And, just in case that “just right” hat is not available in a pre-made version, rest assured that a custom hat can be made especially for you that will accentuate your eyes, thin your face, balance out your high forehead…or whatever other “corrective hatting” methods you feel you need.

But don’t take our word for it. Try one – or TEN – on!

“People who aren’t hat wearers often come to the studio with a friend who’s come in to be measured for their custom hat. These non-hat-wearing friends usually have a perceived notion of what they DO like on others and what they DON’T like on themself. They generally pick up a sample hat, plop it on their head, take a glance in the mirror and say, “See, hats don’t look good on me!” And, I must admit, they are halfway right – the style that they tried on might not look the best on them. But once I can get them to try on a few different styles and we work with the crown and size, they almost always end up saying, “Now this looks pretty good: I like this!” It’s at that moment where they see why they have never liked wearing hats before….because they’ve been trying to wear the wrong style! It’s like fitting a round peg in a square hole” says custom hatter, Deb Culig of PacaHat in Tabernash, Colorado.

The perfect hat will magically manifest itself when you consider two things: your face shape and your body structure.

Small-framed folks are overwhelmed by high crowns and big brims.

Wide shoulder guys can rock a bigger hat profile. Tiny brims (called “stingy” brims) often look comical. Styles like pork pies and bowlers are notorious for these small, under 2” brims.

“And, of course, if someone needs the illusion of more height they can always go up in the crown a little!” But, you probably already knew all this, so here’s where the rules get a little more specific.

“Both guys and gals with long faces will probably like how they look in a style of hat that balances out their vertically-oriented face shape Keep the crown lower and the brim wider. “

“A round, full face will look best with a taller crown. Try to stay away from gambler and boater styles.”

Culig goes on to say, “Long pronounced noses are more prominent when a hat has a pinched shape in the front. So those folks will probably want to stay away from “explorer” (think Indiana Jones) or teardrop styles.”

“Heart-shaped faces are narrow at the chin but wider across the cheeks and forehead, so a hat with a smaller brim is called for to balance out the entire face.”

And so it goes…a square jaw may need a large brim and open (“open” means uncreased) crown to soften the angles.

And, like with most things – eyeglasses, makeup styles, necklines, etc – those lucky enough to have an oval face can wear almost any kind of hat and look good.

“Think about it this way: you need height if your face is round. A higher crown will draw the eye up and detract from the fullness. Conversely, if you have a thin face you should opt for a wider brim. The horizontal lines of a wide brim will add weight to a thin face. This goes the same for body shapes. Start by taking a good hard look in the mirror and decide what shape face and size frame you have then try on several styles and see if you can draw the focus either towards or away from those features to accentuate the positive and detract from any negatives.”

Like all wearable fashion, when choosing a hat it should not matter if it’s all the rage, if it doesn’t look good on you or you’re not comfortable with it on, DON’T WEAR IT! Those flat-brimmed hats you see all over right now might be the “style”…but are they YOUR style?

“I personally LOVE the look of long, flowing skirts with boots. But I’m 5’2” so when I put something like that on it swallows me up and I look ridiculous!” The same goes for the wrong hat. No matter how good it looks on someone else or how much you like the style, you’ll know if it’s the perfect hat when you try it on. So don’t despair, you can look good in a hat. I KNOW you can!”

“I always ask clients if they plan to wear glasses or sunglasses with their hats and I tell the women to try on the samples with their hair in a variety of styles – ponytailed, down, up, and under the crown – those two things can mean a world of difference on how the hat looks and fits.”

Culig leaves us with one last thought: “Finding the perfect hat is just like finding true love – the right one is out there waiting for you… GO FIND IT!”

Let us know if we can help you custom design a hat just for you!